Apple Pie Cocktail Infusion

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Making the perfect host gift, teacher appreciation gift, or gearing up for your next vacation, these Cocktail Infusion will be a huge hit!  Fill your jar with your favorite spirit and infuse for three days making up to 20 cocktails if you infuse twice. 

Apple Pie includes: Organic Vanilla-Infused Sugar, Cassia Whole Cinnamon, Apple

Shelf Life: One year. 30 Days once infused. 

Our Cocktail Infusions include a QR code on each label making it simple to access step-by-step instructions and recipes for each flavor.

Apple Pie Recipes



2 ounces            Infused Apple Pie (infuse with bourbon or vodka)

2 ounces            Apple Cider (MOTT’S Apple Cider – Fall)


Fill shaker tin with all ingredients.  Shake vigorously and pour over ice.  Alternatively, serve hot for a warm, winter beverage.



2 cups               Infused Apple Pie (infuse with bourbon or vodka)

2 cups               Apple Cider (MOTT’S Apple Cider – Fall)


Shake infusion jar vigorously and strain into pitcher.  Add Apple Cider and stir.  Serve cold or hot for a warm, winter beverage.  Double the batch by infusing the jar contents in a 32 ounce jar and double the recipe above – should garner 20 cocktails in a pitcher.