Touchless Sanitizer

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Luxury fine-mist diffuser uses motion sensing technology to dispense quality, hydrating sanitizer with the simple wave of a hand. 

'Signature Scent' has notes of fresh eucalyptus & crisp mint for maximum stress relief that will stimulate your body & mind.

'Escape to the Sea' has notes of coconut & sea salt evoking your favorite vacation memories.  

'Rooftop Garden Champagne' has notes of white champagne flowers, fresh orange peel, & wild berries. This best selling fragrance will have you rushing to your favorite rooftop bar and clinking glasses with friends. 

'Midnight Stargazing' has notes of soft lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang.

'Cabana Reservation' has notes of fresh aloe and crisp linen.

'Summer Day Sorbet' has notes of sweet mango, dragonfruit and papaya

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